Between 6th Avenue, Alameda, Monaco, and Holly is Hilltop’s neighbor, Crestmoor. While homes are newer by neighboring Hilltop standards, the mature landscaping, large lots, and central location increase property values and make it a perfect place to call home. Crestmoor boasts everything from traditional English Tudors and custom 1950s-style ranch homes to contemporary multi-levels and million-dollar mansions.

The expansive Crestmoor Park is a green escape for residents, providing soccer and softball fields, public tennis courts, serene picnic areas, and a peaceful walking path. Along the west border there’s a charming pocket of commerce, with a handful of local shops. Just to the east in Lowry, you’ll find a Town Center filled with boutiques, services, restaurants, a grocery store, and an indoor ice rink.

Crestmoor, like Hilltop, remains one of Denver’s most desirable neighborhoods, but it is a bit more affordable. Take a nice slow drive down its quiet, bending streets and you may be tempted to stay for good.